€33,50 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Nasi Putih, Nasi Goreng or Nasi Kuning 
boiled white rice |  fried rice with pork, vegetables, shrimp, egg | yellow rice, shrimp, vegetables
Krupuk Udang
fried shrimp cracker
Acar Special
pickled cucumber
Sajor Lodeh
mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk
Gado Gado
vegetarian vegetable dish topped with peanut sauce 
dry-fried coconut with herbs
Sambal Goreng Kering
sweet baked potato fries
Rujak Manis
fresh fruits in a sweet-sharp sauce
Pisang Goreng
fried banana
Sambal Goreng Telor
boiled egg with a spicy sauce
Sambal Goreng Tauge
taugé bean shoots in a spicy sauce
Sambal Goreng Buncis
green beans cooked in a spicy sauce
Sambal Goreng Rebun
young bamboo shoots, prepared spicy
Babi Kecap
marinated beef in pepper sauce
meatball in special sauce
Daging Bumbu Bali
beef marninated in a spicy sauce
Ayam Bali
marinated chicken
Saté Ayam Manis
chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce
Sate Babi Kecap
pork skewer with sweet soya-sauce
lkan Asam Manis
sole with sweet-sour sauce
Udang Special
shrimp in sweet soya-sauce
Tahu Telor
omelet with taugé and tofu in sauce
Pisang Goreng
fried banana
Rujak Manis
fruit in sweet-sour sauce